Meet the Author

Lorelei Brush

Lorelei Brush holds two doctoral degrees, both of which inform her writing. The first is in Developmental Psychology, the study of human beings as they grow from birth to death. For more than thirty years, Dr. Brush used her knowledge in this field to research and evaluate children’s learning. Her two non-fiction books address the specific issue of girls’ participation in mathematics .

Since 1996, Dr. Brush has worked in international education, spending 2006 to 2008 managing a large USAID-funded education project in the northwestern part of Pakistan, an area that was seriously affected by an earthquake in October 2005. During her years abroad, she directed a staff of about two hundred seventy and completed her Doctor of Ministry degree, which included an intensive study of Islam. The Pakistani women with whom she worked inspired her first novel, Uncovering, a tale of a group of Pakistani women confronted with the severe restrictions of fundamentalist Islam.

Coast to Coast with Lorelei Brush

Along with two gentle cats, she lives outside of Washington, D.C. in a community of good neighbors, friends, and fellow writers. Like so many empty nesters, she loves her short, intense visits with her son (a sommelier) and his fiancée, her stepdaughter who found her French husband during her junior year abroad, and her three French grandsons. In her spare time she reads novels, sings alto with a chorus, hikes, cares for her flower and vegetable gardens, and shows up for healthy workouts at the gym.

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