Chasing the American Dream

It’s 1955. David stands on the courthouse steps in Cleveland, buttoning his coat, when his gaze catches the martial stride of a passerby. He recoils. It’s Dr. Gerhardt Adler, a brutal ex-S.S. Major who David sent to Nuremburg shackled in the back of a U.S. Army jeep. Determined to discover what that war criminal is doing in the U.S., David reverts to the spy mode he mastered in OSS and pursues the Nazi.

Chasing the American Dream captures David’s quest for justice against those who committed crimes against humanity during World War II. It continues as a fight within the American judicial system to free himself to live the American Dream. David feels cheated by his role during the war, safe behind Allied lines, when he yearned to be a hero. Can this search for Adler realize that dream for him?

Lorelei Brush’s latest novel is expected to be released in bookstores in the Fall of 2020. To pre-order your copy of Chasing the American Dream, please contact Dr. Lorie.