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Book Launch: Chasing the American Dream

american dream novelPlease join me for the release of my new novel, CHASING THE AMERICAN DREAM, on Wednesday, February 10th at 7:00pm EST!

Friend and author Sara Fitzgerald will join me in an online conversation hosted by One More Page Books, my local bookstore in Arlington, VA. Sara and I will talk about the story behind my novel, the research that went into it, and more. We’ll also take your questions. The event will be broadcast free on Facebook and YouTube. If you register, you’ll receive direct links to these sites from One More Page in the days ahead of the event.

You can find more information, register and order signed copies of the book by clicking here.

If you are unable to attend the event, please feel free to order the novel through One More Page or the following locations:

Mascot Books
Lorelei Brush Uncovering

Do join the celebration!

This Hero’s Journey

Before researching my father’s assignments as a member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Secret Intelligence Branch, I believed I was going to write a book about one of those classic heroes, a person who appears normal on the surface but reveals impressive powers. I imagined my dad had shown incredible physical courage, breathtaking ingenuity, a fearlessness in the face of threat, moral integrity and self-sacrifice. After all, that’s what he’d told my brother and me about his exploits when we were children. I was about to reveal my dad as an inspiration to the thousands who would read my book about him. It was an opportunity to write a spy story in the shadow of Frederick Forsyth, John Le Carre, and Ian Fleming. Continue reading “This Hero’s Journey”

What is the Deal with Men and Anger?

Chasing the American DreamAs I explained in my September blog post, until he died when I was 25, I knew my father as an angry man. He came home from teaching high school many nights spewing his unhappiness. His students didn’t really want to learn; too few bothered to do the assigned homework; his principal was an idiot. As we’d pull out of the driveway on an errand, he’d notice someone left an upstairs light on and yell: “Do you think I’m made of money?” Continue reading “What is the Deal with Men and Anger?”

My Inspiration for “Chasing the American Dream”

When I told my older brother (about 2010) that I was looking around for a topic to write a novel about, he said I had to write one about what our dad did in the war. Dad (Edwin Franklyn Brush, shown below with his brothers ca. 1942) had told us thrilling stories about his time in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in World War II, and I thought perhaps my brother was right. I resonated with the idea of writing a thriller about Dad’s spying exploits. I headed to the National Archives II, just outside Washington, D.C., which houses O.S.S. papers.

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Ready for a Thrill? . . . A Sneak Peak at My New Book

Today’s newsletter is longer than usual, as I’d like to give you the first scene in my new novel, Chasing the American Dream. I’ll talk more in a later newsletter about where this novel came from but know now that it started with my curiosity about my father’s role during World War II. He’d signed an oath at the end of the war that he’d never speak of his activities in the Office of Strategic Services. Finding out what he actually did took me months in the OSS Archives. All those details are for another time. Right now, just enjoy the novel that came from that research. Continue reading “Ready for a Thrill? . . . A Sneak Peak at My New Book”

A Bit of Fun for Authors – and Readers!

I read a lot of advice for authors, and though I can’t remember the source, someone, years ago, suggested it would help make characters real if we found pictures of the people who embodied our characters. In theory, it should then be easier to describe them more vividly, more empathetically. So, in the process of writing Uncovering, I tried the idea out.

Continue reading “A Bit of Fun for Authors – and Readers!”

The Status of Women in Pakistan

Several readers of Uncovering have asked about the status of women in Pakistan: Is there a women’s movement? Is it just in the northwest areas of the country that strong conservative beliefs about women’s role prevail? How prevalent are the conservative voices? I’d like to use the example of the celebration of International Women’s Day 2020 to address these questions. Continue reading “The Status of Women in Pakistan”

Women’s Fiction Writers Association podcast on Uncovering

Lorie was featured as a debut author on the WFWA podcast in October 2019. On this podcast she discusses how the book came to be, the processes of writing and publishing, and the hiccups in these processes. To listen to this inspiring podcast, please click here.